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Recuva Professional 1 32/64 Bit teddyboo Torrent

Recuva Professional 1

Recuva Professional 1


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I decided to put a small tool that does not require money, and its purpose – to recover files or files that were accidentally deleted, or files that were deleted due to virus attacks from the system, any program crash, in general, as usual, no matter why This happens, development should still help you recover data. Those who are interested can immediately go to the full news and download Recuva there. Note that if you choose the mobile version, you must select the Russian interface language in the settings, and during installation it will be selected automatically, in general, do not be afraid.

The tool can scan all removable media, disks, etc. Before the process itself, you need to choose exactly what you need to find, specifically the file format, such as image, document, media file, executable file or any other, then you can go directly to the process itself. The program determines the parameters for each file format separately, the program sees what percentage of the chances to recover the file and so on, so it is important to set the correct format.

Note that after scanning some files, you will be able to see a special flag, this means that Recuva identifies the file as junk, but considers it necessary to tell about it, that is, probably, it is not what you are looking for after for, but it is useful to look at it, it may be useful. Not many parameters in the parameters, you can set a list output filter, you can switch between normal, such as trees, depending on the directory structure.

When you register Recuva for free and run the program you will get a familiar development interface from this company, you can recover files after loss in any way, the developer has repeatedly mentioned on the official website. There is a simple search system for lists obtained after scanning. I completely forgot to add that Recuva can also work with ZIP archives, I do not know if RAR, true or not. In general, I have nothing more to add, a simple program with a user-friendly interface I hope will be useful, but better not to use such development, but in any case, good luck!

Version: ShareWare

Language: several

Size: 21 MB

How to install:

1). If necessary, instructions are attached.

2). That’s it, done

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