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Yamaha Four Stroke outboards for sale-2021 boat motors


2021 Yamaha Four Stroke

outboards for sale-

boat motors

Engine Type:  V8 (60°)

325.3ci (5330 cc)
Bore x Stroke:
94 x 96mm (3.70 x 3.78 in.)
Prop Shaft Horsepower:
350 @ 5500 rpm’s
Cylinder Heads:
DOHC / 32 valve with Variable
Camshaft Timing (VCT)
Compression Ratio:   9.6
RPM Range:
Fuel/Induction System:
Sequential multi-point
electronic fuel injection
Fuel Type:   Unleaded
gasoline (minimum pump
octane 89)
Exhaust:   I
n-Bank™ dual exhaust with
Power Surge Chambers
Intake:   Single electronic
throttle valve with 8 individual
long intake tracks
Ignition System:
TCI, 32-bit ECM with integrated
coil-in-cap ignition design
Spark Plug:   NGK LFR6A-11
Alternator Output @ W.O.T:
50A (40A @ 1000rpm)
Starting System:   Electric
Lubrication:   Wet sump
Oil Capacity:   8.2 quarts
Recommended Engine Oil:
Yamalube 4-M FC-W
10W-30 or 20W-40
Gear Ratio: 1.73
Shaft Length: 25 in
Controls: Command Link
Digital Electronic Controls
Multiple Outboard
Auto sync throttle control
with twin and triple applications


  • Model: 302
  • Shipping Weight: 280lbs
  • 33 Units in Stock


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