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Bachchhan Paandey 2022 torrent townload

Bachchhan Paandey 2022

Bachchhan Paandey 2022

Myra Devekar works as a director’s assistant for filmmakers who fire her when she discovers that she has better film ideas, then decides to start her own film and encounters a gangster story from UP, the Bachchan Maya producer finds out about her plans she asks. she dropped the idea there herself because Bachchan Pandey is a very dangerous gangster and has no mercy believing in her idea and travels to her village to investigate and goes with her friend and actor who has a hard time seeing that the village is intimidated by Bachchan Pandey as always comes with his huge gang and lives a king-size life, he tries to get close to his colleague for more details but discovers that one of his close associates, his traitor Bachchan Pandey, finds out the betrayal he does not save and also discovers that someone is spying on him through his Pandey Myra and Vishu tracks as spies where they are both beaten by their crew but spare them when he discovers that Myra is there to make a biopic about him and agrees to be a part of it. @

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